Instagram Hashtag Generator

Instagram hashtags are words or phrases set with the hash symbol (#), and they are used in Instagram’s posts and stories to connect related content. For example, a food blogger might post a picture of a beautiful breakfast spread and use the hashtags “#foodie,” “#freshfood,” “#healthybreakfast,” etc.

Hashtags are searchable. When a user clicks on or searches for a hashtag, they see all the public content associated with it. This makes hashtags a powerful tool for marketers to reach their target audience and for users to find content that aligns with their interests.

A good Instagram hashtag is:

  1. Relevant
    The hashtag should be related to the image, story, or video you’re posting. Using irrelevant hashtags can lead to your post being reported as spam.
  2. Specific
    Narrow down your hashtag to be more specific. For example, instead of using #food, use #veganfood if you’re posting a vegan dish. This will help you reach a more targeted audience.
  3. Popular but not too popular
    Using extremely popular hashtags like #love or #instagood might get your post lost in the crowd. On the other hand, using a completely unknown hashtag won’t get you any views. So, it’s best to use moderately popular hashtags that are being used by other Instagram users but aren’t saturated.
  4. Easy to understand
    Your hashtag should be easy to comprehend at first glance. If it’s too complex or abstract, it may not be discovered or used by other Instagram users.
  5. Used in combination
    It’s best to use multiple hashtags that cover different aspects of your post. For example, if you’re a travel blogger posting a picture of a beach in Spain, you could use #TravelBlog, #SpainTravel, #BeachLife, and so on.

Remember, Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags per post, but studies have suggested that posts with around 9 hashtags perform the best.